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" Hope keeps us alive and technology  helps  to create life  The Medical technology applied by the centre for infertility gives couples hope of conceiving the child. Hope of new life. "

Ashay Hospital and Test-Tube Baby Centre offers fertility treatment to infertile couples from all over the world at an economical price.

Like most infertile couples, you know that fertility treatment increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Our motive is to sell happiness to the infertile families. And already we have achieved a great success rate in rendering the medical services.

We have well qualified staff, guiding the patient in their entire treatment right from counseling up-to the next visit date.

We follow all the medical standards at our clinic in order to achieve the quality which is best to our practice.

We are counseling the infertile couples and also educate them about the infertility.

We provide the best quality medical service using the latest technology.


Our  Services

We specialize in each and every aspect of infertility and provide comprehensive services in IUI, IVF, IVF - ICSI, Assisted Hatching, egg donation, embryo donation, surrogate motherhood, male infertility and embryo freezing and try to give moral and emotional support to our infertility patients.

Ashay test tube centre uniquely placed to offer the most appropriate infertility treatment, from the most simple to the high-tech. The entire range of fertility services be it investigations or treatment are available under one roof


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